DATE: 08/01/2010 to 28/02/2010

Aarhus as Cultural Capital of Europe?
The city of Aarhus is in the run for the title of European Culture Capital 2017, which has sparked a massive line up of initiatives and projects determined to strengthen Aarhus’ potential and cultural profile.

But does Aarhus have any chance of fulfilling such a task? What is the state of the city’s cultural life? Are we moving forward or backwards? Some have been asking, if we are in fact dismantling culture in stead of developing it. In an attempt to challenge the current condition of Arhus’ cultural potential and raise questions about the ambition to become Cultutal Capital Andreas Halsteen Lemche created a series of posters with what he imagines as being worst case scenarios for the cultural development in Aarhus.

Andreas Halsteen Lemche
The exhibition in BOX is Lemche’s first. He is a well known character in Aarhus’ cultural underground though, having initiated clubs with ambitious DJ line ups. Furthermore he is the founder of the website, which offers a guide to experiencing Aarhus’ hidden gems in the shape of concerts, exhibitions, shops, cafes and more, as well as contributing to cultural events themselves.