IRINA VALKOVA                                                                                                                    HUMAN-SPECIFIC OBJECTS

I am a Russian-born artist living in Aarhus and working on the boundary between art and interior. During my studies I began to explore art from the standpoint of its viewers. I interviewed people of various backgrounds about their preferences in art and then made artworks based on their descriptions of what kind of art they would like to own. 

There has been something truly fascinating for me in transforming living stories into pictures and objects. Leading in-depth conversations with the commissioners, I translate their personal histories into images of various styles and dimensions.

HUMAN-SPECIFIC OBJECTS, my current project, is a collaboration with various commissioners on one-of-a-kind objects and small series´ creations for individual homes, public institutions, and interior design agencies. I am also open for collaboration with non-profit organisations and charities. My approach is to deal with any situation where art is needed - be it a living room painting,  a photo series, a pattern development or styling arrangements for photo shoots.  At the end of the day, my aim is to develop a high-quality artwork that, compared to a ready-bought one, would be a natural extension of its surroundings, and a perfect match for its owner. 

My competencies include:
paintings and drawings
sculpture and installation
graphic design and patterns for fashion and interior
photography (Fine Art, editorial and product)
artistic concept for both editorial and product photo shoots
book design

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My studio:
Vestergade 49B
8000 Aarhus C