About me.

I help businesses explain what they do, how they do it and why they do it.

A typical project might be creating the key messages following an important strategic change.
Or writing a compelling mission and vision statement.

Almost all my work is done ‘live’ at the flip chart in specially designed workshops.

As a side-line I am also an accredited Edward de Bono Facilitator, which means I can teach you how to think.

I’m also a graduate of Simon Sinek’s Why? University, which means I can help you explain your company’s purpose.

Oh, and was Denmark’s first and only Evernote Certified Consultant - until someone in Copenhagen joined me.

Although I’ve been working independently for many years, I was previously a copywriter based creative director and finished my employed career working with Ogilvy and DDB Worldwide in Hong Kong.

I moved to Aarhus from Cambridge in 2015, with my partner and young daughter. 

We were looking for a better way of life and we found it.

The picture shows me doing a talk at the first ever TEDx Aarhus in October 2016. The X-ray specs were worn to highlight my fascination for the infrastructural details that make our world work.

This fascination probably explains why I work for so many clients who make ingredients and components. These include Mars Incorporated, Arla, Grundfos and Lantmännen Unibake.

If you’re passing, come and have coffee and tell me what you do.

Links and details.
www.morleydk.com - this is my company website
www.discovercity.dk - I now run this business, which helps incoming internationals
https://www.linkedin.com/in/philipmorley/ - my LinkedIn page
http://philipmorley.postach.io - a blog that I all-too-infrequently update

53 52 19 63 - my personal phone number