Troels Haahr Graugaard

Troels is a young Danish photographer based in Aarhus and the owner of his own one-man photo company Squaredpixel Productions. Clients that have bought his images include The Huffington Post, TIME Magazine, Runner’s World, Forbes, USA Today, The Times, FONA and many others.

Only 22 years of age he set off his commercial career in the web based market of stock photography. Troels has spent endless hours on set and working on bringing together photo shoots that number up to 20 people at times – including models, make-up artists, stylists and location scouts – in places such as Cape Town, London, New York and, of course, Denmark.

Getting to work around the world and going places he’s never visited before is one of the aspects of the job Troels loves the most. Projects that allow him to explore new approaches to photography while quenching his thirst for traveling is therefore high on his list – making budget size of less importance.

His online portfolio displays 14.000+ images at present and covers a wide range of creative ideas in the field of life style and portrait photography – depicting all from water athletics, portraits, to life in retirement age.

Troels’ efforts to bring a more authentic and natural vibe into his field of photography, together with high quality content, has made his online portfolio among the most used between content editors around the globe.

Troels is an exclusive contributor to Getty Images, and his open online portfolio can be seen at

Troels Haahr Graugaard

Tlf: 28875436