This is Niels-Ole

He is a digital artist and graphic designer working from the co-working space at LYNfabrikken.

What do you do?
“I do motion graphics, 3D-animation and graphic design. My work often has an artistic or at least very creative dimension to it. I’m convinced that when we prioritize a playful and creative approach to the challenges ahead we end up with a much more satisfying result. If not we probably only get a slightly different version of the same old story.“

What would you like to do?
“I love to help build visual worlds from scratch. Sure I can work with making existing material come alive, but I really thoroughly enjoy creating projects from the ground up. To define the fundamental expression and establish the look and feel. Basically creating identities and considering how they can be implemented everywhere from the smallest detail on the website to animated logos and product design. More of that, please!”

What are you into?
“Movies! I can’t help but consider how certain images are used to support the story and how visual effects can help overcome creative challenges and, most important, naturally blend in.”

Check out Niels-Oles moving visual work on

Photo cred: @fotograf_christian_b
@nielsoleschmidt #lynfabrikken