This is Ruth.

She is a graphic designer and visual artist working from the co-working space at LYNfabrikken.

What do you do?
I help my clients to communicate visually. I'm a designer and art director, and I refer to myself as a visual interpreter. I have a background as a textile designer, but now I do both visual identities, logos, posters, prints, large-scale wall decorations and personal artwork.

I guess I have a more artistic approach than many other graphic designers. And that might be the reason I find the more corporate projects very interesting; when the guidelines of a project are very strict and I have to sneak in my artistic visions. It’s like crashing a party and try to fit in. My curiosity plays a leading role in my portfolio. I love trying very different – and for me unknown – things; to approach them with my specific skill set.

What would you like to do?
I would like to do more large-scale projects. I have been lucky enough to be invited to decorate Salling Rooftop and Bruun’s Galleri, which was amazing. But I'm not necessarily looking for more high-profile projects. Basically I would just love to work with great people on awesome projects, which make a difference and an impact – whatever the context might be.

What are you into?
In general I’m almost obsessively curious – about everything. The surface doesn’t interest me, but I love to dive in and look at what lies beneath facts, feelings and trends.

See more of Ruth's work on @ruthcronefoster
#lynfabrikken .

Photo cred: @fotograf_christian_b