Meet Gitte.

She is a medical anthropologist working from the co-working space at LYNfabrikken.

What do you do?
“I do research within the medical field. I mainly work with patients and their relation to treatment, health and illness. Simply put, I make the perspective of the patient more relatable for doctors and medical professionals. It can be about peoples’ attitudes to vaccines, patients’ quality of life or communication needs, for instance. I love to do research, but it’s important to me that what I do is not only theoretical. I cherish the fact that my work is actually put to use and makes some sort of difference in the world.”

What would you like to do?
“Basically, I would like to do more of the same. But the reason I became an anthropologist in the first place was my journeys. I travelled many parts of the world always finding myself trying to understand the locals. And that is basically still what makes me tick: To find out what the heck people are up to. So, in a sense it would be a nice loop back to my professional roots to do more international work.”

What are you into?
“Literature, art and movies. But my passion for travelling I guess has helped shape the person I am today. And I would love to get the chance once again to buy a one-way ticket to somewhere. The concept of travelling without a specific purpose is intriguing.”

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