This is Sofie.

She is an architect and jewellery designer running her business from the co-working space at LYNfabrikken.

What do you do?
“I am an architect by education and was trained to design buildings. An urge to do small-scale product design, my attention to detail and eye for the inherent value of a product led me to jewellery design. In a way, you can say that everything about my business is a result of who I am, how I think and how I live my life. I value quality over seasonal flings. I appreciate timeless design, simplicity and freedom to grow. Making jewellery, I’m pursuing product design and my obsessive love for details - and I still have the personal freedom my family and I need: We could pack everything up and move to Australia tomorrow if we wanted to.”

What would you like to do?
"When you design and sell classic jewellery, you help create memories. My products are often purchased for life events like weddings or birthdays, and it’s very moving to receive kind messages from people who were gifted a piece of jewellery that I have created. More of that, please! The task for the coming months is to keep building the brand and to collaborate with more dealers and influencers in Denmark and Northern Europe.”

What are you into?
“I’m into aesthetics and work-life balance. I’m into being the best that I can be in every aspect of my life – as a business owner, a mother, a friend, a daughter and as a wife. My business and my products are the results of this.”

Check out Sofie's jewellery at and Instagram @sofieladefoged.jewellery 📷: @fotograf_christian_b #lynfabrikken ⚡️