This is Steen.

He is a patent analyst and advisor working from the co-working space at LYNfabrikken.

What do you do?
“I help companies understand and secure patents. I do analyses to find out if new ideas are open for patenting, and I help write patents to secure rights of products and technology. My job is to understand my clients’ current and future business needs and quickly understand new products and ideas to be able to write a patent protecting the core ideas. I work a lot with visualizations since text and information related to patents is often hard to understand for outsiders. And I have found, that visualization makes it a lot easier.”

“As an advisor, my main task is to help my clients make a decision: To apply for a patent or not? Or to keep or skip an already filed or granted patent. So the analysis and advice I give must be thorough but easy to understand to lay the ground for a quick but informed decision.”

What would you like to do?
“I am working on a tool, using visualizations, helping you to know if you do your patenting correctly, and to know how your competitors’ patenting is doing. I love the work I do face to face with clients, but I would like part of my business to be independent of my working hours.”

What are you into?
“I’m generally very curious about what people are up to – it comes with the job. Besides that, I’m involved in forestry, which is a huge contrast to intellectual property. The latter is governed by laws, rules and established practice, while forestry is influenced by biology, markets and climate change. But it’s a contrast I learn from to understand my clients’ technology, markets and changing business.”

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