Meet Stine.

She is a graphic designer working from the co-working space at LYNfabrikken.

What do you do?
“I do graphic design. A lot of visual identities, logos and books. I help my clients make the right impression through professional and coherent communication. I work for all kinds of clients both within culture and education as well as the corporate world. Right now I am doing work for different EU projects and logo and visual identity for the Royal Academy of Music in Jutland."

“I have a background from the School of Architecture and Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. I have a research-based approach in all my work. I do sketching by hand to have a physical relationship with the matter even when I do most of my work on the screen. I take pride in being thorough and precise. At the academy, we did calligraphy and cut letters out of marble to really feel the typography in our hands. I literally had splinters of negative space from the lettering flying about me.”

What would you like to do?
“More of the same. I really love working with books. I love how it requires immersion – diving in deep to understand the subject matter, the potential readers and every corner of the context. And the same goes for the core work of a new visual identity; to research the DNA of any organisation, mould that into a logo and a visual line and then see it unfold and last a very long time. That’s amazing and I consider myself lucky to be able to do that for a living.”

What are you into?
“I’m into art, culture and aesthetics. And in my spare time, I spend a lot of time working with Icelandic horses. They are rooted in something authentic, rough and original that really speaks to me. And then it’s just a great way to be in nature, which I thoroughly enjoy.”

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