DATE: 30/11/2011 to 15/01/2012

Packing Circles, Squares and Triangles
Roel Wouters created an exhibition for BOX which combined mathematical problems with mesmorizing esthetic solutions.

To offer a bit of insight into this seemingly very complex visual world, Roel describes his thoughts about the exhibition thus:
“If you want to pack the biggest possible circle in a square you can probably imagine what it looks like, and two circles packed in a square you will probably also find out quickly, but what about seven equally sized circles in a square? What will be the visual shape of that? or 10 squares packed in a square? How would you fit them? Erich Friedman, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Stetson University Florida. Has made a beautiful overview of these ‘packing problems’ Most of the time they make sense immediately but sometimes weirdly asymmetrical far from obvious.”

Roel Wouters
Trained as graphic designer, Roel works as an independent conditional designer / director in the field of interaction, media design and film. His work often reflects on the systems or technology we use in our daily lives. Sometimes by deconstructing or changing fundamental parts of existing systems, sometimes by designing new ones to see what happens when people are using them. He applies this approach to all kinds of media: dynamic media (web, tools, animation and video) but also to print, installations and performances.