LYNlab private dining- 2-23 people

The meeting room in the deep basement of LYNfabrikken is called LYNLAB since we consider it a space for experiments. LYNLAB offers an alternative to the bright, polished and businessy meeting room. Softer lighting, a more cosy and intimate atmosphere creates a stylish grotto for big ideas and inspiring conversations.

Have your meetings and creative workshops around the long oak wood dining table among the wooden beams and ancient stone walls. The former wine cellar is equipped with all modern appliances; a big screen, adjustable lighting, wi-fi and sound system. The space has its own modern kitchen (chef included), perfect for private dining, tastings or just premium catering for your meeting.

- Fits up to 23 people
- Screen which connects to all newer computers or Apple TV
- High-Quality sound system
- Adjustable lighting
- WiFi
- Toilet
- Total privacy
- With or without catering (café or chef made)

Contact Jeppe Vedel for further information.

Jeppe Vedel