DATE: 24/05/2013 to 25/08/2013

During the summer BOX will house a new exhibition in the Analogia Projects series.

The Italian design dou behind this concept is architect Emilia Serra and designer Andrea Mancuso. As Analogia Projects it is their mission to challenge our perception of space. Their way of doing so is by creating very special furniture exhibitions. The furniture look like fullsize sketches drawn in the air, but is in fact made from black wool meticulously intertwined with lines that criss cross the room to create entire interieurs. Each object is cut back to a shape that captures its absolute essence, and makes it universally recognizable. The result is a spatial installation that captures the moment where imagination crystallizes into an idea – a sketch.

Analogia Projects’ installations are always developed to a specific place, and do to the fact that LYNfabrikken’s BOX is a window gallery, their exhibition there will present their concept with brand new challenges.