DATE: 10/06/2011 to 24/07/2011

Precious Waste
Arabeschi di Latte uses food as their angle to investigate and communicate cultural conditions, traditions and rituals around the world.

In BOX they displayed a selection of ‘furniture’ designed to accommodate and illustrate traditional household remedies such as using banana peels to shine shoes or washing your sweater in potato water to make it soft. The static setting offered by the exhibition space emphasized the absence of people interacting with the objects and thereby made them a social comment about traditions and sustainability, word of mouth interaction and, past and future.

Arabeschi di Latte
Founded by Francesca Sarti in 2001, Arabeschi di Latte is a collective of italian women designers with a passion for conviviality. The group’s mission is to experiment with new design concepts that relate to food and focuses on its fascinating power to create situations and relationships. Arabeschi di Latte is based on the idea of creating a “daily sense of happiness” that is pursued through various strategies of participation and interaction that respond to basic and pleasurable needs in our social life.