DATE: 28/08/2009 to 29/09/2009

The title of the exhibition –  which is also the name of the group refers to the fact, that this project’s inspirational base is the  nature and invites the participating artists to interpret this subject mater freely.

Hence the character of their base the group’s work centered around sensibility, diversity, ferocity and passion. The exhibition in BOX was the group’s first and exclusively showed new work.AvantGarden chose to share not only their work with the audience, but their creative process as well. Through a shared blog, they offered a rare glimpse into their inspiration, studies of materials and shapes, thoughts and ideas during the development their individual works and common exhibition. The bringing forth the collaboration as an important part of the exhibition.

The members of AvantGarden are Tina Ratzer, Louise Gaarmann, Lisa Grue, Pi Bjørg, Kristine Armstrup, One woman band, Susan Liebe, Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne, and they work with textile, ceramics and graphic design in exceptionally creative ways.