DATE: 02/07/2009 to 03/11/2009

Sanitation with Identity
Ceramist Christin Johansson installed an alternativ and thought provoking exhibition in BOX, presenting a reinterpretation of an environment and some objects, that rarely get any attention – the bathroom and it’s functions.

Christin explored the environment that accommodate some of our most private behavior and custom-made a series of mirrors and other well known inhabitants of the bathroom with a feminine twist.
After having showed her  ceramics in several traditional galleries, Christin became more interested  in experimenting with happenings. At the opening of Sanitation with Identity she rolled her lovely clattering Claymobile up next to BOX, unfolded a camping table and filled it with storytelling mugs that makes up her art project Mug Switch. The invitation was to bring a ceramic or porcelain mug with a special meaning or story. Christin’s idea is then to trade each mug including it’s story with one of her mugs, and thereby letting mugs travel and tell.

Christin Johansson
Christin is from Sweden and as well as having an education in ceramics, she is also a trained nurse. This rather unusual background influences the expression of her ceramics as she let hospital environment inspire her clinical but beautiful sculptures, vases and cups, thereby challenging the traditions of ceramics.