When the Region of Southern Denmark was arranging a conference about the ambition of making hospitals CO2 neutral LYNfabrikken was hired to design the concept and settings. Some of the requirements to the design were that it supported the theme of the conference, created a comfortable environment that strengthened the participants’ dedication to the project, illustrated the project’s potential and seriousness and lastly that it tied the different elements of the conference together and created a great atmosphere.

LYNfabrikken delivered:
– Concept and design for the physical layout of the conference
– Development and production of workshop spaces
– Visual markers, stylesheets, logo and signs
– Graphic organization of the program and presentations for big screen
– Execution of technical solutions (sound, lights, projections)
– Design of extra meeting room
– A small exhibition

The assignment was done in close collaboration with:
Gitte Nissen Schelde at PomP Design Studio
Visuel Designer Anders Ladegaard

Services: concept development / production / execution / interior design / visual identity /  AV