DATE: 04/05/2012 to 03/06/2012

David Stjernholm’s installation in BOX challenges the classic diorama as known from e.i. museums of natural history where a tableau showcases a physical installation merging with a painted backdrop behind the exhibition window. 

Stjernholm installed a stereotypical billboard construction build as a model of a similar one on U.S. Route 163 in Utah in the USA. The billboard it self faced away from its audience but towards the white backwall of the closed exhibition space, and on its front he mounted colour grated lights generated through a photographic registration of the sky at that specific place in Utah. The light displayed against the backwall in BOX was thereby in sync with the daylight in Utah, and BOX’ surroundings became an representation of a different road – a different place, as the two spaces were simultaneouly displaced and connected.

David Stjernholm
Stjernholm holds a BA in Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, but is now an art student and already has an impressing series of ambitious exhibitions under his belt. HIs art is highly conceptual and often expressed in a combination of photography and sculpture, but never limited to genre. Wondering, fascination and generousity is the fuel of this talented young artist.