LYNfabrikken wants to collaborate closer with other Nordic countries to explore tendencies, characteristics and potentials in Nordic design, and now we have finally got the chance to start exactly that sort of project.

In the middle of August 2012 we had our very first meeting in the newly established network “New Dialogues” together with partners from Iceland Design Center and Diagonal in Finland. The starting point for our interest to juxtapose Icelandic, Finish and Danish design is that all three are strong design nations, but with quite different approaches. Finland and Denmark’s history of design is well documented and serves as an important foundation for the development of contemporary design, but working with design as an individual disciplin is still rather novel in Iceland. These different approaches create an exciting dynamic and a new access to discussions and research about design, its potential and future role.

Our goal is to focus in on challenges and possibilities in the genre of Nordic design that borders on art in both concept and pratice. Hopefully we will be able to present exhibitions, lectures or some totally different format already next year. We are looking forward increase the network and continue our work in this interesting genre.

A few snapshots from our very first meeting about New Dialogues.

We met at LYNfabrikken in Aarhus, and after a quick introduction and a tour of the factory, we got started on trying to define interesting a different ways of displaying and challenging nordic design. A brand new exhibition concept and innovative ways of doing video lectures were just two of the ideas we came up with and will continue to develop further.