A while ago, I was out one evening with my good friends Mathias, Ann and Tenna. We were at a restaurant in Aarhus. Eating, talking, having a good time. As we were talking, an idea started to take form in my head. An idea of a new social media.

I loved the idea early on. Wholeheartedly. 

Backed up by my bank, friends and family, I decided to go all-in as a mobile app entrepreneur. 

Today, Garderobe is in App Store and I am part of LYNfabrikken. If you see me drinking coffee at LYNfabrikken’s coffeebar, come say hi and tell me what you think of Garderobe. 

It’s a place to go for new trends and style inspiration. It’s where you get your daily fashion fix, whether you follow your besties, your favorite bloggers or that awesome fashion designer who is getting away with the weirdest style combos.

Garderobe is about discovering new looks, connecting with other fashion fans and organizing your style. Admire your dream items and show off awesome outfits. Use it as a way to coordinate your closet or the possibility to express your point of view when it comes to fashion.

Garderobe is meant to be a gender neutral place where every fashion lover’s pictures would look good.

Link to App Store:

Ane Schack Fønss Bach
Vestergade 49B 8000 Aarhus C