DATE: 04/12/2009 to 15/01/2010

Peckham is a Place on Earth
The exhibition bearing this musical title is inspired by victorian paper clips, classical children’s stories and a tiny bit of 80’s pop, and transformed BOX into a magical christmas landscape with a twist.

Surrounded by a starlit night sky and glistening mountains the beloved hometown of the artists Peckham floats on giant cloud. The title of the installation is borrowed from Belinda Carlisles classic pop-hit with a similar title, giving Peckham a celestial status as it manifests it self as an alternative leading star. Handmade through and through with an appropriate amount of glitter added Garudio Studiage used their ironic humor and love of all things kitsch to play with the less than positive reputation of South London’s Peckham area.

Garudio Studiage
From their base in Peckham this creative group with the strange name pushes the boundaries of London’s creative scene, as they combine design, art and fashion with a pronounced sense of humor and irony. The four members of the group Chris Ratcliffe, Laura Cave, Anna Walsh and Hannah Havana have specialized in graphic design, painting and jewelry, but together they are experimenting with all sorts of different design. The philosophy of Garudio Studiage is to join forces and mix up the different disciplines in order to challenge their magnificent minds and skilled hands to conceive products, props, displays and wonderfully bizarre events and exhibitions. This ruthlessly imaginative group have fearlessly thrown themselves into making up anything from  illustrated dart boards to three-legged  foxes in their very own weird bur wonderful style.