DATE: 09/04/2010 to 30/05/2010

Reborn Identity
The starting point of the exhibition Reborn Identity was its choice of material: drainage pipes.

These crude and peculiar tubes are primarily known from construction sites, where they are meant to be dug into the ground to keep buildings dry. But here they made their way up through the tarmac claiming a brand new purpose and a brand new life as twisting, playful and highly functional lamps invading the landscape.

Grotesk Design
The men behind Grotesk Designart Project are designartists Søren Honoré and Mikkel Carlsen. They have made it their mission to create design arts from prefabricated materials and products originally designed with practicality and functionality in mind. In their redesigns Grotesk Design is digging a little deeper to understand the impact design, art and different materials have on esthetic experiences.