DATE: 01/03/2013 to 15/05/2013

The Puppeteer
“About a world in which man plays for creator.

We are able to create more and more things; technological development seems to go faster than ever before. Shoes, furniture and even houses can be printed. We are close to a complete self-made world. We have faith in the new belief that the problems we have created ourselves can be solved by technological developments.

Man is like a puppeteer who pulls the strings, attempting to make nature submit to human laws.  We investigate possibilities, are confident, and try to stretch the boundaries of human knowledge. The idea of an omniscient god ruling over everything does no longer differ much from the position we ourselves are trying to conquer. Although our belief that the world is a human construct is not based on empirical knowledge about the world, it is the belief we act upon in our attempts to alter the natural order of things. even the most common objects surrounding us.”

– Jolan van der Wiel, february 2013.

Jolan van der Wiel is a fascinating dutch designer. Since he graduated in 2011 he has been exhibiting in Ljubljana, Munich, Berlin, Paris, London, Gdansk, Milano, Rotterdam, and won several awards. The exhibition in BOX is – as we see it – a further development of the Gravity Project, and the first time this work is shown. Its a world premiere, and the exhibition contains of brand new work.

Jólan van der Wiel graduated in 2011 from the designLAB department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam and founded in the same year his own workshop/studio based in Amsterdam. Before he studied one year at the BA program of the Design Academy Eindhoven and a year at the school of economy in Amsterdam.

Check out the video here