DATE: 04/06/2010 to 24/08/2009

Made in USA (by Europeans)
After New York-based design duo KarlssonWilker was through with their work in BOX it featured a rug filled with bold statements and two remote controlled blimps.

Viewers could become Captain America, flying a Stars and Stripes encrusted blimp inside the space. Conveyed through humor the duos comments and questions about consumerism, globalization and modern living were unmistakeable and thought provoking.

KarlssonWilker is a New York City design firm founded in late 2000 and staffed by graphic designers Jan Wilker from Germany and Hjalti Karlsson from Iceland. The two met while working for graphic design-guru Stefan Sagmesiter, and have a very distinct and very rock’n’roll approach to graphic design.