DATE: 15/04/2011 to 05/06/2011

Kling to the Wild
Karolina Kling’s BOX-exhibition was a breathtaking graphic installation with hundreds bold black and white doodles forming landscapes and creatures.

Karolina is strongly influenced by tribal culture and patterns in this display, because they represent something very different from her own everyday life, that she would love to escape into. In the same way she hopes that her audience will ‘get lost’ when exploring her installation.

Karolin Kling
Swedish Karolina owns her own fashion based company KLING by KLING and is based in London. Since establishing the brand in 2006 the label has acclaimed international attention for its distinct prints and playful designs. Karolina also has a certain talent for creating installations and graphics, and has exhibited her work all over the world, as well arranged exhibition projects as creative director in HEDMANKLING.