DATE: 26/08/2011 to 13/10/2011

With her exhibition Landscape in a Box Katrin Olina wished to share
a dream with the public.

A giant black and white photography sets the scene and leaves it up to the beholder to decide if it depicts the past, the future or maybe a different world all together. The exhibition is a celebration of sublime nature, with numbers popping up as simple graphic elements on suspended pillows in a mythical landscape. Katrin wants to build a bridge between past and present technologies and combines high-tech digitally printed carpet with handmade tassels, creating a dynamic and dreamy exhibition.

Katrin Olina
Katrin Olina has an education in industrial design, and her work investigates creative drawing, that combine modern technology with handwriting. Her images and graphic works often revolve around natural elements and their visual expressions. As her word has developed, Katrin has constructed a very personal world inhabited by a feeling of wonder, new experiences and a constant questions about the right nature of things.