DATE: 03/04/2009 to 29/04/2009

The See
The exhibition in BOX was an attempt to illustrate the notion of ’empty souls’. Kenn Munk founded his work in the idea, that everything around us has and personality and soul of its own.

Everything from our computers, cars, houses and even every cup of morning latte. But some things are, according to the artist, stripped of any purpose and thereby reduced to a certain sort of soul. The garnish on your dinner plate, breast implants and body piercings are all purely superficial and adding esthetics but nothing  more than esthetic. These are the empty souls.

Kenn Munk
Kenn Munks childhood was filled with science fiction, Lego and model building kits, which might have contributed to his playful and unpredictable approach to working with design. Born in Denmark, he now lives in London as a self-employed designer and teacher of graphic design at Central Saint Martins. As well as creating for clients, he also works on his own more conceptual projects such as DIY hunting trophies, alternatively guided  runs and a typography for writing silence. With every project Kenn tries to change the way people interact and perceive the World, because habits never bring anything new.