DATE: 29/05/2009 to 01/08/2009

Ordinary Objects can Become Something Else
Kwangho Lee’s exhibition in BOX was a group of intriguing lamps from his ongoing series Ordinary Objects can Become Something Else, which interpret ordinary everyday objects.

The lamps were carefully crafted and braided electrical wire, and when installed in BOX’ static exhibition space, they took on an sculptural and organic character.

Kwangho Lee
Kwangho’s is an educated designer, but his rural upbringing has contributed to his ‘natural’ way of building and working with his hands. The artist himself says, he has lived a non-greedy life, and that his dream is to work like the farmer patiently waiting to harvest the rice he planted in Spring. His work particularly articulates two ideas; trying to ad new meaning to everyday objects, and combining design and craft. Kwangho’s products are always entirely made by hand and untouched by machines.