Lene Rønfeldt

About me
My name is Lene Rønfeldt and I work as an interior stylist.
To me visual branding is telling a story that evokes your feelings.

I love that moment when light, colours and aesthetics fuse; when a mix of materials or colours add new dimensions to a product’s beauty. It is the art of detail and knowing how to add that little touch of colour, shade or texture that makes everything come together with respect of the product, its story and origin.

I strive to encapsulate this unique moment with each project. Whether the product is a speaker, sofa or lamp.

This is what I love. My passion.

What do I offer? 
I have 9 years of experience with photo shooting and visual concept management and a background as Collection and Styling Manager in a multi-international furniture company. This has given me great know-how within a number of fields:

Interior styling
Art directing (photo shoots)
Visual identity
Project management

Do you want to know more?
Give me a call.

My office is located in Aarhus, and I would love to hear from you.

Lene Rønfeldt
Vestergade 49B
8000 Aarhus C



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