DATE: 08/05/2015 to 23/08/2015

An installation by Luis Urculo for BOX

“Table of Contents” is a list of parts of a project document organized in the order in which the parts appear. Is not about a final image but the possibility of it. The space is used as the first chapter of a book to be written. The drawings of fragments, traces, structures and unfinished geometries are presented as built objects.

BOX is a storefront, a display for Desire. Like a hardware store full of pieces and objects ready to be used as a space of possibility, therefore it draws a link with the viewer to trace the next step in the installation, the construction of a story, a structure or a new storefront.

Luis Urculo’s work is characterized by an unusual portrayal of architecture in the form of illustrations, animations, installations, and interiors. He studied at the ETSAM Madrid, at the Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago and at the Institute of Design and has collaborated with Alberto Campo Baeza, Mansilla-Tuñon and Izaskun Chinchilla. In 2006, he opened his own studio developing ephemeral architecture projects, stage designs and video-installations for Conde Nást, Philippe Starck and Sybilla, among others. His work has been exhibited at the XI Bienale di Architettura di Venezia, Montevideo Bienial, COAM Foundation and other locations. He also works as a teacher with Jaime Hayón for Master of European Design Labs at Instituto Europeo di Design, Madrid.

Luis visited LYNfabrikken back in 2012, where he gave a talk during LYNtalks. You can watch the talk here:

More info about Luis and his work: