LYNfabrikken started its lecture series “LYNtalks” in 2004. The aim is to inspire our users through the experiences, ideas and aspirations of creative people, who have have a different approach to design or have achieved something special through their work with design in the broadest sense of the word.

Through the years we have had some of the most noticeable national and international designers, architects and artist share their stories at LYNfabrikken. A very important part of this concept is that all lectures are available as full lenght video podcast too, which allows us to distribute the inspiration even further.

We believe that listening to others sharing their story, their proces, faillures and succeses can inspire you regardless of the specific topic. A notion we get confirmed every time a new lecturer takes the stage at our coffee shop.

To view our exciting archive of LYNtalks press play below and select ‘lectures’ – hours of inspiration awaits you!
For upcoming LYNtalks keep an eye on our calendar.