The LYNUniverse is a screensaver which started is journey in the heads and hands of LYNfabrikken’s former interns Tonny Christensen and Daniel Nielsen who wanted to share LYNfabrikken with the rest of the world in a evocative and innovative way while communicating the spirit of the place as well. The screensaver shows the everyday life at LYNfabrikken – and a little bit more, in a casual cartoon like way. Since the first version of the LYNuniverse launched the physical place and concept of LYNfabrikken has expanded in different ways, which has led to several updates of the screensaver to make sure it depicts all our aspects.

The screensaver follows the rhythm of the day. When the sun is setting outside your real life window the light goes down in the LYNuniverse as wel, and people leave their desks, while other characters emerge around the old factory building. This screensaver is not a movie but is trigger based, which means the actions and sequences are randomly generated, and effectively the longer you stare at your screen the more peculiar little scenes will play out before you.

Watch an excerpt of the screensaver above – if you you want more click here.