DATE: 06/11/2009 to 02/12/2009

Lights Pleats
For her exhibition in BOX, Mie Nygaard has installed a series of sculptural lamps, creating a very minimalistic and femine space, that also induces a sense of underlying fairy tales and playfulness.

By naming her exhibition ”Lights Pleats!”, the designer draws attention to the fact, that she in several of her works demonstrates her special interest in pleats as craft and artform. An interest that have led to her collaboration with Le Klint and Charlotte Østergård Copenhagen on future exhibitions as well as products.

Mie Nygaard Thomsen
The artist explains: “I’m professionally based in texile, but to me it’s all about material and suface; tactility in a very wide sense. I see the field of textile spread out into all sorts of subjectreferences and all doors are open!”
She is inspired by the idea that all artificial lighting is created in an effort to replace the only real source of light, day light, and conscious that day light effects the human state of mind.