‘Carpet Carpet’ A BOX installation by WeMakeCarpets

Opening friday october 9 2015.

Artist statement:
“For BOX we were asked to build the last exhibition they do with the carpet factory Ege. Where normally Ege supplied the exhibiting designer with a carpet design of there own, we where asked to make an actual ‘carpet’. That is to say, a carpet WE MAKE CARPETS style. Looking at the materials that where available we came with the idea to look what materials where available in the Ege factory itself. Using leftovers drom the Ege factory we transform the BOX exhibition space with a wall to wall carpet 2.0

Our project at BOX we call ‘Carpet Carpet’ because, well, its a carpet made out of pieces of Carpet. This project fits very well in the current direction WE MAKE CARPETS is moving seeking more and more the borders between what is a permanent work and what is an ephemeral work. The means of this search being allways a mosaic of patterns which are made purely by intuition and possibilities of the material with which we work.”

Simple, everyday materials you can find in your kitchen drawer. For Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg– the three people behind We Make Carpets – anything from pasta to clothes pegs, candy bars and even plain A4’s can become part of the ingenious aesthetic patterns they build up from the inside outwards.

No-nonsense, hard-working but conceptual and saucy at that, they build bridges between design and art. Their approach could be considered as a form of contemporary archaeology because no matter how small and insignificant an object might be, once it has been spotted by We Make Carpets’ mass-reproducing eyes, almost anything can develop into an appealing carpet. They know their historical carpet motives and the weaving tradition but that is not where they find their inspiration. Not the Persian rug store but the objects around them, thje factories in which they are made and the big utility stores count among their favourite hangouts.

More info: wemakecarpets.nl