DATE: 01/07/2011 to 30/03/2011

Paper Madness
The exhibition ‘Paper Madness’ featured one giant collage installed in BOX, and is best described as a controlled explosion of paper.

Collage being one of the artist favorite expressions, she wishes to test the boundaries of this media through the sheer size of the installation. The amount of details in the piece makes it playfull, but simultaneously bears witness to an meticulous process and extreme discipline, fueled by curiosity, inspiration and urge to create.

Ruth Crone Foster
Ruth has worked as an independant graphic designer and artist since 2004. She has an education in textile design, but  her heart and hands are filled with very different design and art projects, and she uses her many skills not only in design, but also does illustration, visual art, installation and decoration. Ruth has an eye for details and for her the funny, crooked, colorful and pure of them creates her expression. Myriades of tiny elements brought together to form an overwhelming whole.