DATE: 01/04/2011 to 15/04/2011

Identity Is
Since a big part of design duo OddFischlein’s everyday work revolve around visual identity they chose to further explore this field through their exhibition in BOX.

The space featured a series of manifestations of work related advices such as ‘Kill your darlings’ and ‘Put your heads together’, and the open question ‘Identity is…’ was asked not only in the exhibition title but on the walls as well. When darkness fell UV-lights revealing a fluorescent dimension in which different answers was given to this question and the entire space transformed in to a surreal wonderland.

The graphic design agency, OddFischlein, was launched in 2005 by the two visual mates Klaus Matthiesen and Gudjon Oddsson, who both trained at Kolding Design School under the Department of Visual Communication. The company is a strategic design agency working mainly with visual identities and concept-based system solutions for communications. Their work is always permeated by their conviction about visual communication having to be told and experienced as well as shown.