DATE: 31/08/2012 to 25/11/2012

Skin Collection
The exhibition in BOX is part of Heykoop’s ‘Skin Collection’ which is fed by leather scrap from the furniture industry and discarded furniture and other objects.

A choice of materials that becomes a thinly veiled comment on consumerism. Heykoop covers the objects in the rejected leather using a method, that makes it look like the leather has grown slowly around the object and turns it into random patterns, referring to cell structures and growth in nature.

Pepe Heykoop
Pepe Heykoop is a young Dutch designer with a quite extraordinary approach to his work. Most of Heykoop’s designs are made of salvaged materials which he brings together to create objects that really sparks the imagination. Most of his works are fully functional despite their bizarre or ‘arty’ expression. And to add to their story, Heykoop has placed the production of his designs in Mumbai, India, as part of his collaboration with the Tiny Miracles Foundation aiming to help the local community become self sustainable.