"Remember to play" A BOX installation by LEGO, Funday Factory and LYNfabrikken

BOX is in many ways a very special space with its own set curatorial priciples, alternative physical scenography and dogmas. The purpose of BOX is to make room for exhibitions by designers, architechts and craftsmen of a more conceptual nature, that blurs the boundaries between design and art.

We believe that this juxtaposition contains amazing potential both from the perspective of design and art. And it is our experience that this challenge sparks new ideas and creativity in the exhibitors. But the physical features of BOX contributes to new creative solutions and possibilities as well. BOX is a closed exhibition space - that is the audience can only view its contents from the street through a giant window. This allows the artists to think in different spacial terms when installing their piece. One other thing that every exhibitor has in common is that they are recquired to design a one of a kind carpet to set the scene of their installation. The carpets are produced by Ege Carpets, who has a special technique that allows them to realize amazing and mezmorizing designs.

We have already had the immense pleasure of showing the work of some of the most influencial designers and we are very exiticed about all the future exhibitions that are lining up on the horizon. Stay updated on our exhibition programme and enjoy artist talks, pictures and words about ekhibitions past in BOX digital universe right here.