DATE: 27/08/2010 to 31/10/2010

Beta II
Richard Sweeney’s delicate Beta II installation for BOX comprised several metres of continuous, hand-pleated paper, which appeared as writhing, fluid forms tracing the movement of line through space.

Many hundreds of individual folds changed the property of the paper, giving it rigidty, yet allowing it to flex and bend within certain limits, giving the impression of smooth surfaces from what was in fact a compound curve achieved using only straight edges. Additionally, the specially designed carpet backdrop had been printed with a photograph depicting the deformation of a flat surface, onto which a grid of parallel lines was projected. Richard thereby created a three-dimensional effect, while also evoking the feeling of movement evident in the sculptural element.

Richard Sweeney
Born in England, Richard Sweeney studied three dimensional design at Manchester Metropolitan University. Richard focuses on working with his much preferred material paper by hand, making delicate and fragile sculptures with an unique and eyeopening expression. He combines his craft with computer generated designs and CNC techniques leading to highly experimental projects, which are strongly influenced by his hands-on approach and result in mind-blowing new sculptural shapes.