LYNfabrikken has collaborated with local art cinema Øst for Paradis on several occasions.

Øst for Paradis is no ordinary cinema. It is a small oasis exuding its great love and passion for movies of all sorts. Located in an atmospheric old building this cinema also has it own café and everything about watching a movie here empathizes the fact that a trip to the movies most often is a shared social experience and Øst for Paradis really encourages its audience to do just that – share opinions, thoughts and impressions before and after the actual movie.

This philosophy of letting people meet and interact around a shared experience is right down LYNfabrikken’s alley. Thus our collaborative film showings have taken place bright and early in the morning, inviting the audience to start their day with coffee, croissants and some alternative inspirational input together with fellow documentary film- and design-lovers. So far we have all shared amazing experiences showing American director Gary Hustwitt’s trilogy of delicious design documentaries starting with “Helvetica”, then “Objectified” and latest “Urbanized”.