DATE: 29/06/2012 to 26/08/2012

“Rupert’s Chaos” consists of hundreds of glass droplets and doodles hanging from BOX’ ceiling in their own individual threads.

Together they form an impressing structure. Seethrough and delicate, butat the same time massive and dynamic. Together with the special designed carpet mimicking the shapes and shadows of the glass, Stine’s skilled juxtaposition of technique, complex theory and artistic touch the exhibition becomes a poetic spectacle of light.

Stine Bidstrup
Stine Bidstrup is a Danish glass artist, who possesses a very special ability to manipulate her craft as well as her material in a way that challenges and expands the potential of glass as a media in the context of contemporary art. The over all principle of her work is to view glass as a lens or membrane with optical qualities she can use to focus, distort, magnify, reflect and transform that which is perceived through the lense. And equally so the experience of perceiving itself.