In 2007 LYNfabrikken was contacted by a work group put together by SKAT, the municipality of Vesthimmerland and Aalestrup Library with an assignment entitled “The Library – Office hotel of the Future”. We were asked to develop a model capable of integrating six work stations into an exciting library, donning the space a new and unifying identity.

In our solution proposal we transformed Aalestrup Library from a space characterized by its linoleum clad floors to an organic and inspiring library/office hotel hybrid. The emphasis was on creating a challenging, inspiring and inclusive work life. Aalestrup Library would be transformed into a space that celebrates diversity and invokes dialogue, inspiration and intimacy.

The requirements were:
– create an architectural model that demonstrates the vision of the library as future office hotel
– the model must be multipliable , it is not only to be used in Aalestrup, but in other cities as well
– the model must furthermore be scalable. Aalestrup Library needs six work stations – other cities might need 15.

The result of LYNfabrikken’s work was a publication containing models outlining possible solutions and interviews with different key figures from the project.

The assignment was done i collaboration with PomP Design Studio

Services: Interior design / Publication