DATE: 07/08/2009 to 27/08/2009

Scene 1; The Forrest (exterior)
Inspired by BOX’s unique format Theresa has worked with perspective and other classical theater tricks, and created a small fairy tale forrest in a materiale, that she has previously build both glaciers and volcanos on Icealndic gables; sequins.

Theresa has once said about her sparkling materiale: “I am fascinated by the clash that occurs when the sequin modules are taken out of this usual context, and used for representing elements of nature with — at least traditionally — very different connotations. And how this glittering material is balancing on the threshold between being really tacky and strangely poetic at the same time.”

Theresa Himmer
Theresa revels in the gap between opposites: she seeks to challenge received perspectives and open up the possibility of endless perspectives. Living as she does in Iceland, Theresa may be said to be living in her own “gap,” as she studied architecture in Denmark and currently is attending the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her work is thereby placed between art and architecture, dream and reality, and often plays out in the urban spaces she is so fascinated of.