DATE: 05/11/2010 to 31/12/2010

Real Objects for Lived Life
Most of Spanish designer Tomás Alonso’s work reflects on human ways of living – not so much interventions in the home, but rather natural evolutions. 

His exhibition in BOX showcased a series of these objects, which are either prototypes or in production,  and clearly exemplify his principal of designing with a practicality in mind. Alonso wants his design to be used and functional. The very simple aesthetic qualities of his objects reveal the expressive potential of each specific material, which is also his main source of inspiration, conveying an expressive immediacy which makes his design universal and transgenerational.

Tomás Alonso
Spanish designer Tomás Alonso has been living, studying and working in the USA, Italy and Australia before coming to London to complete a MA at the Royal Collage of Art. His choice to move into product and furniture design via his understanding of the automotive industry resulted in an intelligent approach that uses simplicity of forms to communicate ideas and functions, that translates into his own line of elegant, linear and poetic objects finding his own dimension in the field of the “authorial” design.