"Sculptural Collages" A BOX installation by Gitte Lægård

The aestetic exhibition “Sculptural Collages” is created by the danish artist and textile designer Gitte Lægård who lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark. 

Gitte has a textile design degree from Kolding Design School and her work is characterised by being tactile as a result of her huge interest in textiles and materials in general.

Gitte challenges the experience of scale, form and colours - and combines analogue techniques and material knowledge with digital processes from the industry. The exhibition “Sculptural Collages” consists of sculptures where Gitte uses materials such as wood, foam and plexiglass from the construction business and combines it with techniques from the textile industry - gathered in an arty universe. "The project has been experimental all the way, and it has been important to me to follow my intuition and allow myself to go along with the process to see where it would take me”, says Gitte. It is important to Gitte to experiment as it keeps her on her toes, as she explains. She also wants to challenge what a textile designer is today and to push the boundaries in terms of what a textile designer can do with materials and different techniques.

Gitte Lægård: www.gittelaegaard.com